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Ron Artest: Mutes Incapable Of Doing Jack Squat About Oil Spill

I suppose at this point we shouldn’t be surprised about anything that comes out of Ron Artest’s mouth – crap, if one of those mini-alien suckers shot out of his gaping maw, would anybody really notice? – but recently during an appearance on Tony Bruno’s radio program, instead of talking about psychiatrists and his new song, Artest took a moment to discuss a much more pressing issue: the Gulf oil spill. Via Sports Radio Interviews:

How weird of a time has it been for him after going to the Lakers Championship Parade and then helping out with the oil spill victims:

“It has been weird and brought me right back to Earth because I was real excited, but I am still excited and happy about the parade, but you kind of think about things that can go wrong in one’s life through natural disasters and it can happen to anyone so you have got to stay humble and stick together as people so it is real important they did that today and got together because I have been kind of waiting for this day and when I read it I was like, ‘wow’. The only people that can make a difference are the people that have voices and that is the people that came out today.”


You heard it, deaf-mutes. Ron said beat it, so scram. Don’t ignore me. Didn’t you hear what I just said?


Ron Artest On Oil Spill Victims: “The only people that can make a difference are the people that have voices” [Sports Radio Interviews]