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England’s World Cup Hopes Reportedly Saved By Sweet, Delicious Beer

By beating Slovenia 1-0 in their final match in group play, England mercifully avoided causing panic on the streets of London, panic on the streets of Birmingham as they luckily advanced to the knockout stage over in South Africa. And if you ask coach Fabio Capello, there was perhaps but one reason for the team’s turnaround:

That magical elixir created out of the ingredients of malted barley, yeast and hops: beer. Is there anything it cannot do?

Via The Guardian:

Capello, whose discipline had been questioned in the last two weeks, said: “Yesterday evening they drank beer before the game. And I saw the team play with the spirit that we lost in the games we played before this game. The performance was really good and we created a lot of chances to score a second goal.”

I guess we can all learn a little something from this nifty little story. Apparently, the night before any important day in your life, whether it be your wedding, a big job interview or your DUI trial, it doesn’t hurt to loosen oneself up by tipping back a few cold ones. It has been the method to my madness well before this story emerged, and look how well it has paid off for me?

Actually, on second thought, perhaps it would be wise to simply leave the beer-swilling to the English. That whole country is populated with a bunch of damn drunks to begin with, so they’re used to it.

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