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Has-Been Tennis Pro James Blake Vs. Windbag Analyst Pam Shriver: Who Ya Got?

With his tennis career quickly fading into the twilight, James Blake displayed more fire and tenacity than he has in years on the tennis court earlier today during his match against Robin Haase. Too bad it was not directed at his opponent but instead his sights were set firmly on loudmouth tennis analyst Pam Shriver.

During his lackluster and uninspired straight-set loss (6-2, 6-4, 6-4) to Hasse, a frustrated Blake lashed out and tore Shriver a new one for talking above a whisper during the match. Via The Guardian:

“It’s amazing!” Blake yelled up at the balcony where Shriver was standing, “You played tennis and I can still hear you! You want to be an ass about it and act like I am at fault?”

I am no fan of Shriver – in fact I find her quite annoying (I still cannot believe how she completely put Caroline Wozniacki in a terribly awkward spot during a post-match interview at last year’s U.S. Open?), so I would not be surprised if that blowhard was enjoying the sound of her own voice and talking far too loudly. But instead of taking his frustrations out of some lowly talking head, perhaps he should have been more focused on the task at hand. You know, like not getting one’s ass whipped in the first round at Wimbledon? Granted, the guy is playing on bum knee and he expressed afterward that he was embarrassed by his performance, but still. These guys are professionals and are supposed to be able to block everything out. Between tennis players and golfers, I am not sure which group of athletes are bigger prima donnas.

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