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Sissykrauts: Players On German World Cup Team Are Terrified Of Iguanas

Sitting in second place behind Ghana in Group D with one match to play, the Germans are in a decent enough spot in the tournament, could be better, could be a lot worse. One spot they are unhappy with is the accommodations at their hotel.

Don’t get me wrong, the luxury resort they are staying at is plenty nice and I am sure their every need catered to, but there is one menace which leaves the players generally holed up inside, afraid to go out and explore the palatial grounds:

Terrifying, bloodthirsty iguanas! GAH! From a Reuters report on Yahoo!:

Even a walk close to the swamp-like Hennops river, which runs through the camp, is out of the question.

“Normally nothing should happen walking there but if you go too close to the river then the iguanas, and they are quite big, can swing their tails and have been known to break several bones. Luckily nothing of that sort has happened yet.”

NO! Not the iguanas! Although what they say is true: I had an iguana as pet when I was younger and they can get pretty mean and aggressive and if they happen to catch you with a tail whip, it can hurt, but really? These tough soccer players won’t even venture outside for a walk because they are afraid of a little lizard? Come on, Germans: don’t be those guys.

And to make matters worse, here is a bit of a Sportress exclusive: someone who works at the very hotel the Germans are staying at sent me a  photo of two of the players who actually had the courage to go outside for a spell. The problem was somebody mentioned to them that there might be a gigantic, vicious grasshopper on the prowl, so the hotel had to outfit them with these outfits.

Hoo boy. That ain’t right.

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