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Sacrebleu! French Reporter Swears On ESPN, Bob Ley Rolls With It Like A Champ

How do you say “awkward” in French? I imagine it is something like “auquaud” or something fancy-sounding like that but I’m no Francophile, so who knows.

Nevertheless, Erik Bielderman is now my favorite French reporter. Well, he’s the only French reporter I know by name, so it’s really not that much of a compliment, but after he dropped an F-bomb and a “son of a bitch” (it begins at about 38 seconds into the clip) while describing the confrontation between French player Nicolas Anelka and France’s coach Raymond Domenech, I suggest his straight-from-the-hip approach should be more incorporated into ESPN’s daily telecasts. I guess what I am trying to say is swearing on live television is funny. Then again, my sense of humor is not well-developed nor is it incredibly sophistimicated. See, that’s funny too because that’s not how you spell sophisticated! I’m silly.

And how about the way Bob Ley handled the situation? Lesser ESPN personalities would have withered under similar circumstances. Josh Elliott probably would have started stammering or crying or something. And Cindy Brunson? I’m not sure how she would have handled it – it would likely be too hard to tell with all of that damn makeup she wears. Seriously, what gives, Cindy?

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