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Jonathan Toews + Miley Cyrus + Awards Show Banter = Awkward

Hoo boy. This is so cringe-inducing I almost didn’t do this post. I hate it when the awkwardness gets so pervasive you almost have to cover your eyes.

Above we have video (courtesy of the always-superb Puck Daddy) from the 2010 MuchMusic Awards on Sunday night. In it, about everything that can go wrong during a botched attempt at witty repartee: cue cards were apparently dropped, Miley speaking at about a 3,000 words-per-minute clip and  Jonathan Toews of the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks appearing to be just barely hanging on while along for the uncomfortable ride. In the end, Toews probably would have preferred that Kanye West had been his partner in this hot mess instead of Miss Miley.

And it gets worse:

Miley and Toews were introducing Drake, the inspirational artist who was in a wheelchair while attending Degrassi High before becoming a monotone, self-deprecating rap star and Canada’s greatest musical export since Justin Bieber. When the show cut over to Drake after this intro, he wasn’t ready to perform yet. Good times.

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? But hey, at least Miley wore this first ballot entry into the Jailbait Hall of Fame-worthy outfit during her performance later in the show. Now that is awkward. And wrong, wrong, wrong.

Video: Miley Cyrus bungles awards banter with Jonathan Toews [Puck Daddy]