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Hey, Anyone Else Feel Like Rocking Out With A Rousing Game Of Vuvuzela Hero?

To be honest, I never developed a huge love for the video game Guitar Hero. I bought the first two versions and I could play it well enough – although the next time I hear “Cherry Pie” 10 consecutive times will be far too soon – but I never became a rabid, obsessed maniac about the game.

Finally, a game has come along that has not only captured my fancy, it just might be the greatest game ever invented:

Vuvuzela Hero: Legend of Africa

And get this: there is a free online version of the game. The site is French or Dutch or Australian or something – the point is, it’s not in English, that’s for sure – but I would recommend heading on over to Olybop and giving it a blow, er, try. Buzz away, budding vuvuzela heroes.

/makes Sign of the Horns gesture, yells “Vuvuzelas Rock!” while wagging tongue
//notices co-workers staring at me even more perplexedly than usual
///puts shirt back on

Vuvuzela Hero – Legend of Africa [Olybop via RandBall]