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And Now, Your Daily ‘Vuvuzelas Banned In Non-Soccer Sporting Venues’ Update

You can’t help but wonder when those whimsical little horns are ever going to catch a break.

The vuvuzela, already considered the bane of the 2010 World Cup, is making headlines in other sports, as it has been announced that not only has the horn been banned from Wimbledon, but they are also not allowed at Yankee Stadium.

First, Wimbledon (via SI/AP):

“Out of courtesy to the players and their fellow spectators, we make a point of asking spectators not to bring items which could either cause a distraction or interfere with the enjoyment of the occasion,” All England Club chief executive Ian Ritchie said in a statement Thursday.

“Rattles, klaxons and vuvuzelas all fall into that category and they will not be allowed into the grounds. Our message is do not bring them in the first place.”

The heck is a klaxon? It sounds like something Lieutenant Worf would use in some bizarre ancient Klingon ritual.

And even closer to home, the dish on vuvuzela’s recentĀ appearances the Yankee Stadium (via the New York Post), as experienced by bleacher creature Anthony Zachariadis:

“I hid them in my shorts to get into the stadium, and when I pulled out the horns, the whole place went nuts,” he said.

“Phillies fans would walk by and we would blow it in their ear,” he said. “They had a laugh — they knew we were playing with them.”

Zachariadis even gave one of his instruments to a fellow Bronx Bomber fan, who helped demonstrate its ear-splitting abilities.

After Mark Teixeira hit a home run in the bottom of the fifth, Zachariadis went wild on the horn, which sounds like a cross between an elephant and a donkey.

That’s when the security guard told him there’s no braying in baseball.

“I blew on it only five or six times — for big plays,” Zachariadis said.

Zachariadis finally agreed to leave the game in return for not having his horns seized.

“I have been tossed from that place hundreds of times. Many times I even deserved it,” he said. “But this was ridiculous.”

Huh. One would suspect that some loudmouth blowhard who readily admits that he’s been ejected from the stadium hundreds of times would get a fairer shake from security personnel. What a bunch of reactionary fascists, man.

Viva la vuvuzela!

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