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The Chicago Cubs Would Like To Show You Their Ginormous Noodle

Well, for accuracy’s sake, it is actually Kraft that would like to show you their humongous noodle, it’s just the Cubs who are paying for it.

Furthering the complete commodification of Wrigley Field – the Toyota sign prominently displayed above the left field bleachers of the treasured stadium is another example of this transformation – the Cubs organization has signed on with Kraft which allowed the makers of the delectable Mac & Cheese to display the above pastastrosity (I just made that up) outside the stadium, near the statue of Ernie Banks by Clark and Addison streets.

While I am a big supporter of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – hands down, the blue box is bar none the best premade macaroni and cheese on the planet. I mean, does anybody really eat that generic crap? Not me. And you can forget about that sloppy, gloopy mess Stouffers attempts to pass off macaroni & cheese – nasty stuff. At the same time, Velveeta’s Shells and Cheese is alright, but I find that you have to cut back and not use the entire packet of cheese sauce they provide. Otherwise it’s simply too overpowering. Man, is anybody else out there starving now?

Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, the big noodle. Cubs executive vice-president of marketing Wally Hayward defended the process by which the Ricketts family is attempting to squeeze every last penny out of Wrigley Field by bastardizing it into some kind of Times Square-esque destination. Via Chicago Breaking Sports:

“We’ll continue to generate incremental revenue for the ballclub so we can continue to help the performance on the field,” Hayward said. “And we’ll continue to renovate and preserve Wrigley Field for the next generation of fans.

“It’s outside the ballpark. It’s out along the street. It’s creating a lot of excitement. People are googling ‘You know you love it,’ and it takes them to the Kraft mac-and-cheese web site…It’s a nice way to bring in a corporate partner at a significant deal without doing anything inside the ballpark.”

A fair point, I suppose, but whenever I do a Google Search for “You know you love it,” I am usually directed to Hentai tentacle porn and bondage and discipline sites, so I’m a bit confused by how that helps the Cubs. Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps my search filter is all screwed up or something. Who knows?

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