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Paraguyan World Cup Hottie Superfan Has A Name: Larissa Riquelme

Yesterday, the Sportress wrapped up its day with the above photos as a way to kind of ease into the evening. Of course, we were not the only ones captivated by this sexy lady’s boobular passion for The Beautiful Game, in particular her unjiggling support for her favorite team, Paraguay.

And, as is the case whenever an attractive gal captivates the attention of the internets, you can’t swing a dead cat without nailing several intrepid souls with an interest and the time to seek out additional information regarding the newest young lass.

Thanks to the dedicated work by sites like Busted Coverage and Total Pro Sports, the Paraguyan hottie has been identified: model Larissa Riquelme. Here is her official site – which amounts to nothing more than a few photos on a loop with some weird music playing – and after the jump are a few more photos of the Paraguayan World Cup Hottie Superfan I culled from the ‘tubes. Enjoy. And go Paraguay!

[H/T Busted Coverage & Total Pro Sports]
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