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Just Wait Until PETA Sets Its Sights On Donkey Basketball

After this provocative piece by Ken Schram of KOMO News, it will not be long before professional athletes, models and…other famous people do photo shoots where they drape their nude bodies over the donkeys. Or something like that. Sarah McLachlan loves animals – maybe she could do a commercial or rewrite the lyrics to one of her hit songs. “Angel” would be a nice choice:  “In the hooves of a donkey, may you find some comfort there”? I don’t know how great that is – I never said I was a singer-songwriter on par with a Lilith Fair performer – sue me).

In any event, allow me to, um, allow Eric Freeman from The Baseline to explain:

There is a great evil worming its way into the gymnasiums of American high schools under the guise of a friendly fundraiser. I am talking, of course, about donkey basketball, a game in which participants ride donkeys around a basketball court and try their hardest to shoot despite the beasts’ general indifference to the rules of organized sport.

Indeed. Honestly? I feel a bit bad for the donkeys. What did they do to deserve this treatment? Sorry, didn’t mean to get up on my high horse ass, but I have had a soft spot for donkeys ever since I became enthralled with the madcap antics of Mad Jack the Mountain Man and his wily, stubborn old mule partner, Number Seven. Yeah, I know a mule is the offspring of a donkey and a horse, but it’s close enough.

Ken Schram Exposes the Evils of Donkey Basketball [The Baseline]