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Could Misspelled Vulgarity On Wayne Rooney’s Shoe Indicate He Has Dyslexia?

When Wayne Rooney isn’t busy taking a piss on a boulder during golf outings, he apparently enjoys writing graffiti on his own shoes. While the Urination on the Rock event occurred the day after England’s 1-1 draw with the U.S., the above photo was taken the day before Saturday’s match and as you can see, Rooney, the rascally devil that he is, wrote “FCUK U” on the inside of his left shoe prior to this official photo was taken. Additionally, Rooney scrawled “Floyd” on the other shoe, whatever that means. Via The Telegraph:

No explanation has been given for the slogan, but it is possibly some form of in-joke. However, a spokesman for the clothing chain French Connection UK said last night: “We are happy Wayne Rooney is supporting us.”

Oh, I get it. French Connection (F C), then UK. While possible, I’m still not buying it. Obviously, I am no expert on British clothing companies nor am I keen on the vagaries of secret messages written on a soccer player’s golf shoes, so I can add very little to the speculation currently running rampant, but if you ask me, Rooney’s misspelled dirty word might reveal a deeper, darker secret – one that Rooney, while he has nothing to be ashamed of – would perhaps do anything to keep secret:

His ongoing battle with dyslexia. Yep.

Disagree? How else can you explain a guy who has shown he has no problem with unleashing profanity-laced tirades – including dropping F-bombs – on referees during friendly matches not correctly spelling the F-word on his shoe? A guy who can be so vulgarly eloquent while speaking would clearly not take issue with writing the same on his shoe, right? I think we can all agree on what exactly is going on here, but why the hiding, why the secret shame?

Don’t be embarrassed, Wayne Rooney. Many people have gone on to live very productive lives while dealing with dyslexia. For crying out loud, even the Fonz, Henry Winkler, overcame it, and that guy is the most, ya dig?

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