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Want To Annoy People With Annoying Vuvuzela Noises? There’s An App For That

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? Of course, it was those damned Dutch again! What is their deal, man?

Ironically, the app was designed by a Dutch duo. The Dutch have been the most vociferous in their disdain for the cacophonous horn, with coach Bert van Marwijk banning them from his team’s training sessions and Dutch striker Robin van Persie blaming vuvuzelas on his inability to hear a referee’s whistle.

“It’s the Vuvuzela jackpot,” said Jeroen Retrae, co-designer of the iVuvuzela at

The iVuvuzela can emit honks or whatever the hell you want to call that noise up to 90 decibels and can be downloaded for free (and has been over 1 million times already) on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and it is free, so get to downloading, you mindless Apple lemmings.

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