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Slovenian World Cup Player Is Kind Of Like Joe Namath, Only Slovenian-ier

Displaying quite the bravado, Slovenia midfielder Andrej Komac laid it all on the line to the assembled media after practice on Tuesday, when he guaranteed victory over the United States on Friday in Group play. Via ESPN/AP:

“We are going to win this match,” Komac said after practice Tuesday.

He added there’s “a good feeling” on the squad after Slovenia beat Algeria 1-0 to claim its first World Cup victory and the top spot in Group C. Komac came on as a substitute in the final minutes.

Considering that Komac hails from a country with a population of just over 2 million people (I cannot help but think of Coach singing “The Albania Song” on Cheers when I hear Slovenia), Komac’s proclamation is quite brash, but everybody also thought that Namath’s prediction that the Jets would beat the Colts in Super Bowl III was an ill-advised, irresponsible move at best. Now look at him. Actually, don’t. The guy has been looking a bit rough lately. Who knew quitting drinking could wreak such havoc on a person’s looks and health? I have sure learned my lesson. Don’t worry about a thing, bottle of Vodka – you ain’t going anywhere. And Komac? I look forward to his embarrassing antics on the sidelines at the 2034 World Cup which will surely become the source of Slovenia’s most popular professional soccer blog’s name, Poljubljanje Anja ńĆarman.

No really, that word (and the chick) are authentic Slovene. Look it up.

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