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Matador Who Says He ‘Didn’t Have The Balls’ Runs Away From Bull, Jumps Out Of Ring

What a pansy candy-ass, amirite? He’s no Eduardo Corrochio, that’s for sure. I guess Christian Hernandez isn’t man enough to take the bull by the horns, or as gored matador Julio Aparicio would probably alter the old saying, “take the horn from the bull through the throat and out your friggin’ mouth.” What a coward. All I know is if I ended up in a bullfighting ring with an angry bull, I would at the very least display a modicum of courage by taking the time to poop my pants before running out of the ring in complete terror.

At least Hernandez is honest about the prospects of continuing his bullfighting career. In a statement once they probably found him cowering in a corner weeping, Hernandez opined (via Yahoo!/AP):

“There are some things you must be aware of about yourself,” the 22-year-old Mexican matador said in a television interview. “I didn’t have the ability, I didn’t have the balls, this is not my thing.”

To add insult to (the cowardly avoidance of) injury, local media reported that Hernandez was arrested by Mexico City authorities on Monday, apparently for breach of contract. He was subsequently released after paying a fine.

No word yet on whether the bull will seek punitive or compensatory damages.

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