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Vince Young Says He’s Sorry, So Roger Goodell Will Probably Just Let This Slide

If there is one thing we have learned about Roger Goodell during his tenure as Commissioner of the NFL, it’s late he’s a big softy when it comes to players embarrassing themselves, their teams and the League, so my guess is that since Vince Young has apologized and asked for leniency from Roger Goodell, this will probably be the last time we ever hear about this incident. Goodell will quash all rumors of a suspension, say a bunch of nice things about Young and then probably go out for some shirtless swilling of spirits.

Yeah, right. The only way the above scenario would ever play out if is Bizarro Goodell somehow manages to escape Bizarro NFL World and replaces the real Herr Goodell without anyone knowing – not bloody likely. Anyway, here is Young’s heartfelt apology for getting into a fight at a Dallas strip club (via The Huddle):

“I just made a mistake, I made a mistake even being there and I let that guy provoke me into doing what I did. I pray to God that Roger Goodell doesn’t come down hard on me, because I definitely want to be here for my teammates.”

Best of luck to you with all that, Vince Young. I’m not saying that it is an impossibility that Goodell could exhibit some modicum of benevolence towards Young due to his admission that he made a “mistake,” but the odds are better that Goodell and Roethlisberger go college bar-hopping together and play each other in a rousing game of “Coed Grab Ass.” Although at the same time, I have heard that Goodell was King Grab-Asser of Washington & Jefferson College back in the day. Heck, when a guy at his alma mater scores in a public restroom, they refer to it as a “Jolly Roger.” So I’ve heard.

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