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The Onion Exclusive: Soccer Takes A Dive Out Of The Closet, Announces That It Is Gay

Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay

As a regular reader of the Sportress (as I know each and every one of you are – or you should be – no, it’s not a threat), you are no doubt already aware of how much I enjoy stuff from The Onion and have likely become accustomed to me featuring two Headlines of the Day from The Onion in my link dumps.

Today, given the timeliness and inherent hilarity of the above video, I chose to embed some video from The Onion. Why? For one, as I just mentioned, it’s hilarious – pay attention, people. And two, I’m lazy and ready to wrap the day off.

But in the end, we all win.

Heh. In the end. That’s what soccer said.

[H/T The Onion]