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He’s Wayne Rooney, He Wears Tall Socks, He Went Pee-Pee On Some Rocks

After an incredibly frustrating day on the pitch Saturday as his team played to a 1-1 draw with the U.S., Wayne Rooney, along with a couple of his mates from England’s World Cup squad, elected to blow off some steam by playing a round of golf. And what better way to get some relief on the course than to relieve oneself on some boulders?

Below is the amusing caption which accompanied the above photo on (as translated by Google Translate and via Dirty Tackle):

ROONEY incontinence. Some England players were relaxed by playing golf the day after a draw against the United States. During his match, Rooney had a grip and did not hesitate to address his needs on one of the holes of the golf course.

As Brooks Peck on Dirty Tackle astutely points out, what man hasn’t communed with nature and taken a whiz out on the course? Ultimately, it’s really not that big of deal. But those socks? Hoo boy.

Rooney relieving himself on golf course is news in Spain [Dirty Tackle]