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Ex-Lady Vol Brittany Jackson Is A Wild Child, Arrested For Second Time In 3 Weeks

Shine on, you crazy diamond. Although I wonder what Pat Sumitt would think about all this craziness.

Former Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball star Brittany Jackson must be trying to keep up with the big, bad boys as she was arrested for the second time in twenty-two days, this time it was for a DUI offense, implied consent and attempting to leave the scene of an accident with injuries. She was arrested with her sister three weeks ago and charged with aggravated assault stemming from an altercation with a woman at Tennessee Wesleyan College when Brittany and her sister Lindsey laid a beatdown on the girl who was allegedly dating Lindsey’s ex-boyfriend and father to Lindsey’s child. Woo, that was like writing out a plot to a soap opera there.

The sordid details of Jackson’s dive into debauchery after the jump.

First, the aggravated assault incident (via the Cleveland Daily Banner):

Blake’s report alleges the Jacksons arrived at Keith Hall on the campus of Tennessee Wesleyan College as Kyle Shipley and Christa Cardin had walked out of the hall and down the street.

“They saw Ms. Lindsey Nicole Jackson drive up and stop,” said Blake in her report.

The report confirmed that Lindsey Jackson was Shipley’s former girlfriend and “mother of his child.”

Cardin reportedly told the officer Lindsey Jackson “jumped out of the car, ran up to her yelling and started punching her in the face and chest.”

Shipley reportedly pulled Lindsey Jackson off Cardin and “another female, identified by Shipley as being Brittany Elizabeth Jackson, pushed her (Cardin) to the ground and punched her in the face at least two times.”

Sweet mercy.

Now, the DUI charge stemming from the incident last Wednesday:

According to the vehicle accident report obtained from the Cleveland Police Department, Gerald Harris, 59, of Cleveland, was southbound on Peerless Road and stopped at the traffic light at 25th Street. The accident report further stated Jackson was also southbound on Peerless when she ran into the rear of Harris’ vehicle. Witnesses on the scene, which included Harris and Cleveland Police Officer Roger Smith, reportedly observed Jackson exit her vehicle from the driver’s side and leave the scene. She was later apprehended, on foot, at the intersection of Georgetown Road and Peerless Road.

Police reports indicated John Shamblin, 39, of Cleveland, was a passenger in Jackson’s vehicle. Police reports indicated he sustained injuries as a result of the crash and was taken to SkyRidge Medical Center for treatment.

Harris was not injured.

Police reports indicated officers noticed an odor of alcohol coming from Jackson, she was “visibly having trouble with balance and had slightly slurred speech,” was “visibly swaying,” and repeatedly failed the officer’s field sobriety instructions.

Yowsers. This young lady is having quite the run of bad luck or is at the very least putting herself into some bad situations. Or it’s simply she doesn’t give a crap about anything and enjoys unleashing her depraved wild child-ness. Plus, she’s an attractive enough gal, which never hurts.

Of course, Jackson has issued the tried and true mea culpa statement through her attorney regarding her recent run-ins with the law:

“Over the past few weeks, my life has been dramatically impacted by my own conduct and the exercise of poor and inappropriate judgment. The realization of what I did on Tuesday night has had a profound effect on my life. I owe my family, those who have been affected and my friends and many supporters over the years a sincere apology for my conduct.”

The statement adds, “I have recommitted myself to conducting my life in the future in a way and manner which is consistent with the love, affection and tremendous support which people have given me in the past. Though many who know my circumstances may understand what has happened to me, it is inexcusable and I know that. I will conduct myself appropriately and in a manner which is consistent with the way my parents reared me. The values and traditions of my mother and father do not tolerate this conduct. The love of my family and friends will help me make it through the next few months. I do apologize profusely, but recognize an apology is inadequate. I will justly suffer the consequences of my misconduct to the extent that it is deemed necessary.”

That apologetic statement is nice, but wouldn’t it be better for everyone if she maintained her wild child persona for our delight and amusement?  Well, maybe not everyone would benefit from that. Drivers in Cleveland, for instance. They wouldn’t be better off. Or girls who make the mistake of dating her sister’s ex-boyfriend. It kind of sucks for them too, I guess.

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