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Two Fans Run On Field During Indians Game, Unfortunately Not Tasered Or Beaten

Two yahoos, one wearing a LeBron James jersey, disrupted the Indians-Red Sox game last night at Progressive Field in Cleveland last night by jumping over the railing in right field. They managed to make it all the way across the outfield to the left field foul line before they were tackled by security.

As mentioned above, one was wearing a LeBron jersey, perhaps as a well-meaning but not appropriately thought out gesture to convince James to stay in Cleveland by showing him that fans in Cleveland can be just as impassioned, annoying and retarded as any of those found in Chicago, New York or wherever else LeBron might end up.

If you watch closely, the dolt wearing the jersey appears to have some sort of white powder trailing him, perhaps as an homage to LeBron’s powder-related pregame ritual. And by “powder-related pregame ritual,” I am not talking about LeBron snorting a couple of rails of yeyo in order to get wired and primed for the game. That would obviously be an example of rampant, unsubstantiated speculation, something we do not engage in here at the Sportress. How do you people come up with this stuff? Speaking of which, you didn’t hear it from me, but the word on the street is that LeBron is headed to the Washington Generals. Maybe he could turn that backwards franchise around.

Another version of the same video, only in close up, after the jump.

That version definitely has a more Zapruderesque quality to it. Now I have a headache. Then again, that could be from the nitrous. It’s hard to say, really.

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