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Markerboard Hijinks Simply The Latest In Chicago’s Anti-Chris Pronger Crusade

First it was the Chicago Tribune taking a photoshopic potshot at Chrissy Pronger. Next came Adam Burish referring to the beleaguered Flyers defenseman as “the biggest idiot in the league.” Now this? Sooner or later, Chicago’s Chris Pronger Bucket O’ Haterade has got to dry up, right?

Courtesy of the esteemed Puck Daddy comes this photo illustrating how someone affiliated with the Blackhawks organization had a little fun with Chicago’s locker room markerboard. Straight out of the Junior High School Prank Guidebook we have one unnamed person’s editorial comment regarding the supposed sexuality of Chris Pronger. As you can see, someone added “is gay” immediately after Pronger’s name on the Blackhawks’ matchup markerboard.

As Wysh astutely points out, since there were tons of people besides the players granted access to the locker room during the celebratory revelry after Chicago’s Stanley Cup-clinching Game 6 victory, the wisecracking graffiti artist could have been pretty much anyone. Nevertheless, the handwritten addition was pretty stupid and immature at best, which is exactly why I chuckled when first I saw it. This sort of lowbrow humor is right up my alley, you see, in case you haven’t noticed.

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