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Wake N’ Blog: Apparently, Simulated Sex With Mannequins Is A No-No For Teachers

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s Wolf Prize in Agriculture-winning morning link dump, mainly due to this here site’s ability to create something amazing out of horse manure. Or something like that. Send tips, links and fertilizer suggestions to

• Jeez, with the sub-par pay, long hours and having to deal with kids all day, one would think it would be okay for a teacher to blow off some steam by getting it on with a dummy at a private party. And if the dummy happens to be me, so much the better. But in this case, I am referring to a mannequin. In 2007, Anna Land was relieved of her duties as a middle school teacher in Michigan after photos surfaced of her having simulated sex with a mannequin at a bachelorette party. There’s more to the story, of course, but mainly I am linking to this story so I could upload this video:

You’re welcome. [azcentral]

• Instead of just a link to one post, for all things Stanley Cup-related, just clicking over to the best in the business, Puck Daddy, throughout the day. Oh, and congratulations, Blackhawks. Back in the day when they were the North Stars biggest rival, I hated that team. Now, not so much. [Puck Daddy]

• Three journalists robbed at gunpoint at a South African hotel. World Cup fever, baby! [Out of Bounds]

• Esteemed golf blogger Ryan Ballengee conducts a video interview with a Sportress favorite, Beatriz Recari (sighs, draws hearts on my notebook) [Waggle Room]

• Boston fan calls out Boston-centric blog Barstool Sports for being assholes. Well done, Samer. [Second-String Fullback]

• ESPN conducted some crazy photoshoppery with Doc Gooden’s head. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Well, I suppose it is high time to start discussing Ben Roethlisberger again. [Bootlegger Sports]

• Red letter day for men who love ginormous asses: Serena Williams is apparently back on the market. [You Been Blinded]

• Nationals draft pick Bryce Harper is the Ultimate Warrior? [TAUNTR]

• Allen Iverson took his sister to prom. No word on any awkward moments during slow dances. [The Last Angry Fan]

• Fantastic pseudo-comic strip re-creation of a Celtics press conference. [Basketbawful]

• Building a World Cup squad out of NFL players. [Shutdown Corner]

• Mercy: photo gallery of 60 hot World Cup fans. [Total Pro Sports]

The Onion Headline of the Day: In Focus: Study: Children Exposed To Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable