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Sex For World Series Tickets Broad Gets Probation, Probably Nailed The Judge

Our long, double-penetrating, national nightmare is finally over. Pennsylvanian Susan Finkelstein, the so-called “Sex For World Series Tickets Hoochie Mama” (okay, that’s my name for her) was sentenced to one year of probation for allegedly offering a multitude of sexual favors to an undercover police officer posing as interested party in exchange for tickets to a World Series game between the hometown Phillies and Yankees in October of last year. Boy, does that suck the balls of anonymous strangers or what? Via MyFox Philly:

A judge outside Philadelphia said on Thursday that Finkelstein will receive one year of probation and she must perform 100 hours of community service duty.

Finkelstein was sentenced in Doylestown, Pa., after the judge denied her request for a mistrial. She was found guilty of attempted prostitution but not guilty of prostitution in March.

100 hours of community service? Huh. I’ve heard of Meals on Wheels, but Hummers in Hummers? That’s another story – albeit a more ejaculatory, gas-guzzling, (among other fluids) one – altogether.

No Jail Time In Phillies Sex-For-Tickets Case [MyFox Philly]
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