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Jeremy Roenick Got All Verklempt Last Night

Talk amongst yourselves, the neutral zone trap is neither neutral, a zone, nor a trap. Discuss.

I guess it’s true: boys do cry. That Robert Smith’s full of shit, man. And Mike Milbury, you’re kind of a dick.

But seriously folks, how about that? Roenick’s emotions got the best of him last night as he watched the Chicago Blackhawks, the team he played his first eight years in the NHL for, celebrate winning the Stanley Cup, something he was never able to do despite a brilliant career. While a lot of people are giving him crap for tearing up, I would like to commend Roenick for being honest and open about the emotions that flooded over him in the heat of the moment. Good for him. Now I feel a little bit better about myself for crying every time I watch The Notebook, which, in terms of emotional experiences , is pretty much on par with hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup, right? Right?



[H/T Larry Brown Sports]