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Alexander Ovechkin’s Turkish Party Photos Are Epic (With Babelfish Translations)

Girls simply from the mind descended from Alexander the Great

Big ups to Mr. Irrelevant for coming across these photos of the Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player himself unwinding by whooping it up with some ladies, some beers and what appears to be a victim of the Chernobyl meltdown.

More photos and more amusing translations – like the one above , courtesy of Babelfish – of the photo captions and the article from Life Sports where the photos originated after the jump.

First, the article, “Ovechkin was entertained in Turkey”:

The quite [glamurnyy] hockey player team Russia Alexander [Ovechkin] became accustomed in nothing to himself not to reject on leisure. After the complex season Of [ovi], that dreamed completely to be opened from the hockey and to be immersed into the peace of merriment and heat into +35, jerked into Turkey. Company to Sasha composed friend and partner on ” Washington [Kepitalz]” Alexander Semin, and also beautiful girls – dancer of one of the Moscow clubs.

I jerked into Turkey once. Totally ruined Thanksgiving.

After throwing down from itself the disgusted clothing, after remaining only in Shortts and constant red cap, the pumped hockey player gave self up to small human happiness. Weakly-alcoholic beverages, bathing into the sea, the sweet idleness and… dances on the deck of pleasure launch. Specifically, to this pleasant pasttime hockey player dedicated the mass of hours, good, instructor to it was reached not only professional, but also beautiful.

Is giving “self up to small human happiness” the same thing as getting it on with a midget hooker? If it is, I’m “throwing down” just like Ovie!

Elegant [bryunetka] not for second moved away from Sasha, showing to it newer and newer pA. However, hockey player with the enviable patience of first-grader learned the complex elements: perhaps, it will prove useful on ice. However, if in the following season [Ovechkinu] does not succeed in use the obtained knowledge during the matches, then on the dance floor it definitely [proslyvet] by star.


Alright, finally, the other photos.

Constant red cap travels from Sasha throughout the world

Sasha demonstrated Herculean force under the enraptured sighs of the girls

God bless you, Alexander Ovechkin. Keep living the dream, brother. And God bless Babelfish, too, you sometimes nonsensical translator thingy doohickey.

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