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You Thought You Had Annoying Neighbors: Man Installs Blackhawks Horn In Yard

Submitted for your approval, one Rich Young, a resident of the sleepy village of Carol Stream, Illinois. A peaceful, gentle man by all accounts, but Mr. Young was harboring a terrible, dark secret from his unwitting neighbors: a powerful and possibly dangerous combination of a die-hard dedication to the Chicago Blackhawks, an enthusiasm for trains and an insatiable need to blast ear-bleeding horns.

So, Mr. Young combined those three passions in a manner so he could indulge his uncontrollable urges: he jimmy-rigged a horn from a diesel-powered locomotive and connected it to an air compressor and lo and behold, it sounds exactly like the horn that is blasted inside the United Center during ‘Hawks games whenever the home team scores a goal. Genius!

But what about his neighbors? Clearly, they must find his display of super-fanaticism incredibly irritating, right? Not so fast. Via the Daily Herald:

“I’d hope if any of the neighbors had a problem with it they’d come see me before calling the police,” Young said.

In fact, it appears the neighbors seem to be enjoying it as much as Young and his family.

Young blasts the horn three times after each goal and three more times after a win. During Game 1 when the Blackhawks scored six times and won the game, the neighbors quickly caught on to what was happening. By the end of the night, half the neighborhood was watching the end of the game at the Young’s house, he said.

Now that’s an inspiration example of committing to the Indian. Sounds awesome. To be honest, I was just joking about Young being an annoying neighbor. In fact, I’d love to have this guy living in my neighborhood – he loves his team and wants everyone living within 10 miles of his house to know it. And hey, it can’t be worse than the folks on my block, with their staunch opposition to my nude sunbathing. Friggin’ prudes, the lot of ’em, I tell ya.

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