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ESPN Finally Got Around To Issuing A Press Release Regarding Hiring Of Jenn Brown

Sure, she has been working for tWWL since February of this year – although I seem to remember her doing features during College Gameday last fall, and some of the photos I came across appear to confirm this – but there is no need to quibble that now – so a press release was in order. My only question is, um, why in the hell did it take them so damn long?

A portion of the press release via ESPN Media Zone:

Jenn Brown joined ESPN in February 2010 as a reporter for College GameDay, co-host of ESPNU’s Road Trip, and a Los Angeles-based bureau reporter.

In those roles, Brown serves as feature reporter for both football and basketball College GameDay programs, hosts ESPNU’s Road Trip which covers the biggest college football and basketball rivalry games, and contributes reports and interviews for ESPN’s news-gathering operation. She had previously served as a freelance correspondent for ESPN since 2006.

Prior to joining ESPN fulltime, Brown was a Showtime Sports correspondent for its Emmy Award-winning Inside the NFL, as well as its boxing & mixed martial arts programming (2008-2010). She was co-host of The Super Stars on ABC (2009) and hosted E! Entertainment’s E! News Now (2008).

So, welcome into the fold, Jenn. You’ll fit right in there. Hopefully, you do not like walking around your hotel room in the nude, though.

Still, I am left wondering why it took all this time? Maybe the folks over at ESPN personnel were already beginning to worry about other pressing issues. Or maybe they were simply trying to throw Berman off her scent. In the end, I suppose it could have been a multitude of things when you think about it.

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