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Brooke Hundley Sues ESPN, Seeks Award Of Good Looks As Compensation For Damages

Zing! Oh my, am I just a terrible, terrible person or what? And it’s not like I’m some kind of Adrian Adonis or anything, either.

Moving on, everybody’s favorite frumpy production assistant/secret-lover-of-failed-major-league-baseball-GM-turned-self-debating-baseball-analyst a/k/a Steve Phillips (there I go again) has filed a lawsuit against ESPN for wrongful termination and defamation (complaint can be found here in PDF form). From PRNewsChannel (via Game On!):

According to the suit, ESPN returned Hundley to work, “…so long as she and Mr. Phillips avoided contact with each other, outside of what was reasonably required to do their respective jobs.” Hundley says human resources told her that the incident would not affect her employment and even assigned her an additional duty of covering NASCAR for the network.

About a month later, the ‘New York Post’ wrote an article based on statements Phillips had given to Wilton, Ct. police. Phillips reported in a sworn statement to the police that he had been attempting to end the relationship and that Hundley was pursuing him. Hundley’s version of the events is different. In the article, the ‘Post,’ because of Phillips’ sworn statement, characterized Hundley as a “dumped mistress” who had a “`Fatal Attraction’ freakout.”

The lawsuit claims that when ESPN questioned Hundley about Phillips’ statements, including that he was attempting to end the relationship, she flatly denied them. “Plaintiff responded that it was not true and showed ESPN text messages on her phone that proved that Phillips continued to pursue Plaintiff,” the lawsuit reads.

Hundley claims she was put on paid administrative leave, and within days, she was fired for “misconduct, including but not limited to failing to fully participate in the investigation.” Hundley claims ESPN closed its investigation more than a month earlier, satisfied with the settlement between Phillips and Hundley, and never sought to re-interview her. She claims that ESPN defamed her by falsely alleging that she failed to participate in an investigation which was already closed.

Yeesh. Yet another black eye for tWWL. Thankfully, Phillips will not have to deal with the humiliation of still being employed by ESPN during the litigation process as he has moved on and sufficiently embarrassing himself in his own right over on FanHouse. Zing again.

Speaking of yeesh, while searching for the above image of the two former lovebirds together during happier times, I came across the below photos of Miss Hundley, which clearly indicate her involvement in some ill-conceived mail order slump buster pornography ring.

Yeesh, indeed.

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