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Wake N’ Blog: I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A 178-Pound Hamburger Today

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• Okay, it is Tuesday today, but work with me. A cafe an Australia has claimed to have cooked the world’s biggest burger. Tipping the scales at 178 pounds and weighing in with fixins at 90 kg (198 lb), it beat the previously held record of 84 kg and it required four men to flip the damn thing. The end result consisted of “the giant beef patty, 120 eggs, 150 slices of cheese, 1.5 kg of beetroot, 2.5 kg of tomatoes and almost 2 kg of lettuce all topped off with a special sauce on a giant sesame seed bun” and was eaten by the cafe’s employees. According to the rules laid out by Guinness, the burger must be on the menu for one year and will sell for $1,220 American. I heard the burger will be served with a Rolaids tablet the size of a standard car tire. [Yahoo!/Reuters]

•  Our pal Punte from With Leather recaps his panel appearance at Blogs With Balls 3. Damn, that was last weekend? [With Leather]

• It’s time for another edition of Darren Daulton’s Week in Preview. This week, Darren discusses how the United States will fare in their World Cup match against England. [Out of Bounds]

• YBB rolls out a great new feature, “The Sports Snobs.” [You Been Blinded]

• Carrie Underwood participated in a softball tournament, thereby increasing the sexiness factor by, um, a lot, I guess. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Conan O’Brien performed in Philly while wearing a Flyers jersey. [The700Level]

• Daunte Culpepper and Dennis Green have reunited and it feels so good. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• Reasons why the MLS on Versus is good for the NHL. [From The Rink]

• How the New York Knicks helped the Boston Celtics reach the NBA Finals. [Outside the Boxscore]

• The top 10 signs Stephen Strasburg’s first start for the Nationals is overhyped. [Five Tool Tool]

• Surfer fights shark, wins. [The Last Angry Fan]

• Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen have completely different reactions to a pantsless Dick Bavetta. Wait, what? [The Sports Hernia Blog]

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