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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• The police are reportedly intending to investigate Philadelphia’s most famous underage, beer-swilling baseball fan. Buzzkills. [Out of Bounds]

• Kinky: message boards are getting pumped full of porn spam links. Get it? Pumped? Forget it. [With Leather]

• Video of the handball riot to end all handball riots. Why yes, I believe there may have been another one at some point. [Deuce of Davenport]

• Hockey coach allegedly kicks the crap out of kid on opposing team. Nice. [Busted Coverage]

• Brilliant: Fixing the NBA Finals for Dummies. [TAUNTR]

• This is going to be the tits: Rick’s Cabaret in NYC will be “broad”casting World Cup games. Get it, “broad”casting? Forget it, that’s my last brilliant joke in this link dump. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Pete Rose corked his bat? That I cannot believe. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Kick-ass spray paint job of a car in support of the Philadelphia Flyers. Gotta support the team, I guess. [The700Level]

• Tony Romo withdrew from U.S. Open qualifying to focus squarely on blowing it for the Cowboys this season. [Waggle Room]

• There are few better ways to irritate a Packers fan than this. [Mouthpiece Blog]

• Even Google is pumped up for the World Cup. [The Sporting Blog]

• 2010 NBA Finals LOLCATZ. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Jimmy Fallon showed Ian Poultier a thing or two about playing Tiger Woods 11. [Devil Ball Golf]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: It’s Feet Like This That Remind Me Why I Got Into Geriatric Podiatry By Dr. Michael Stone

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