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I Was Waiting For CNBC’s Mark Haines To Pull An R. Budd Dwyer The Entire Clip

Really, I have nothing to add to this piece of awkwardness – to be honest, I just wanted to bust out that R. Budd Dwyer reference, even if it’s quite a reach. Huh.

Why don’t I let the professionals handle this one? From The Huffington Post (via With Leather):

In a discussion of the blown call during Wednesday night’s almost-perfect-game, Burnett argued that the umpire and pitcher’s “graciousness” were so “beautiful” that it made for a “more memorable moment” than a perfect game would have.

“See, this is why women aren’t in charge of sports,” Haines shot back.

A shocked Burnett then transitioned to a panel, while making a joke about punching Haines and turning CNBC into the UFC.

See, this is why we shouldn’t provide morons a forum to express their thoughts. Or something. Yeah.

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