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Hell Hath No Fury Like The Hottie Wife Of A Boxer Scorned

Not only did Yuri Foreman have to unfortunately surrender his WBA super welterweight title to Miguel Cotto on Saturday night at Yankee Stadium after he re-aggravated a knee injury when he slipped on a wet portion of the canvas, he now has to deal with explaining why his wife, former-boxer-turned-comely-model Leyla Leidecker, is cocking off and threatening to punch the referee who officiated the bout in the face.

Leidecker contends that the fight should have been halted immediately in the seventh round after Foreman re-injured his knee. Instead, Foreman’s trainer, Joe Grier, was forced to throw in the towel in the eighth round when the hobbled Foreman could scarcely defend himself from the onslaught of punches from Cotto any longer, but referee Arthur Mercante allowed the fight to continue. I consider myself a casual fan of boxing, but I happened to catch the fight Saturday evening and Leidecker could be seen jumping up and down and yelling after Foreman slipped. Even worse, a frustrated and angry Leidecker had this to say about Mercante in the tunnel a short time after the fight (via the New York Daily News):

“They had to stop it,” she said. “He wasn’t in any condition to continue fighting. Why put him in the situation of getting hurt more? There was no use continuing. He wasn’t going to win. There was no miracle that was going to happen. What was the point? Maybe I should just punch the referee in his face.”

Rawr. Is it just me, or does the thought of the blonde bombshell pictured above laying a beatdown on an embattled referee a major turn on? Come to think of it, the thought of her working on a crossword puzzle in a frumpy nightgown even makes me a little tingly.

In any event, she could kick the ever-living crap out of me any time she liked. I won’t even try to defend myself – or put on any pants.

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