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Guy Who Threw 47 Straight Strikes: ‘I’m Throwing Rocks Tonight, Mark It Dude’

For those of you who have never pursued a life dedicated to the mastery of the Bowling Arts , it will be difficult to understand how good it feels to work yourself into a Ten Pin Groove. The ball is coming out of your hand and rotating nicely, you have just enough Easy Slide applied to your plant foot and the ball is cutting across the boards beautifully.

Now, I have had my fair share of sweet runs as it pertains to strikes in my bowling career, but nothing compared to the absolutely ridiculous zone Pennsylvanian Tommy Gollick found himself in during league play on May 11th when he threw 47 consecutive strikes. After rolling a 279 in his first game, Gollick proceeded to roll three consecutive 300 games. Sweet Sassy Molassey.

Gollick on his unbelievable run, which according the United States Bowling Congress broke the world record of 40 strikes in a row by a Washington woman in 1986 (via The Patriot-News):

“It got kind of quiet,” said Gollick, a 32-year-old from Swatara Township. “It was a league night, and all but two of the 24 lanes were being used. Nobody was really bowling when I was finishing up the last game there. It was something.”

“I had gotten the house record, 35 [strikes] in a row. I loosened up quite a bit, because my goal had been to beat the house record. I knew there was something that was going to stand, so that took pressure off. I never thought I’d shoot another 300.”

“I was in an attitude of acceptance. As soon as I got that pressure out of my head, it was just like, ‘Now I can just go ahead and bowl,’” he said. “It was one of those nights when I could see everything and could see how the lane was changing, and I could make my adjustments.”

Unbelievable. If I ever were fortunate enough to catch fire on the lanes like Gollick did, I would instantly hang up my bowling shoes and call it quits. Or at the very least, I would head over to the nearest In-And-Out joint for a celebratory burger.

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