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Gross: Minor League Pitcher Is Also Team’s ‘Slump Buster’

When you go to bed tonight and are saying your prayers (because I know you guys still do that), say one for Salt Lake Bees pitcher Sean O’Sullivan. Not only is he serving as the resident ace of the Pacific Coast League team’s pitching staff, another far more demeaning, sexually humiliating role has been “thrust” upon him by the organization.

He’s the team’s resident slump buster. Ewww.

Via The Salt Lake Tribune:

“He’s been our slump buster,” Salt Lake manager Bobby Mitchell said. “He’s pitched really well lately, along with [Daniel] Davidson.”

Now, I am no great baseball mind or anything and I probably should mind my own business, but wouldn’t the fact that he’s pitching well lately cause a team to not want to mess with his mind (among other things) via sexual violation? Of course, I did not read the entire article – I am much, much too busy – but as far as I understand it after consulting Urban Dictionary,  “slump buster” only has one general meaning, so I am compelled to base my opinion via that reliable and always accurate source.

Let’s just hope that this O’Sullivan fellow is a bit easier on the eyes than one of Jason Giambi’s purported slump busters from back in the day. For his teammates’ sake.

Bees need ‘slump buster’ to do his stuff [The Salt Lake Tribune]