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Concerning Arizona’s Immigration Law, Hall & Oates Can’t Go For That…

Not that's there anything wrong with that

(No Can Do)

Not familiar with that one? How about this little diddy?

They’re gone, Oh I,
Oh I’d better learn how to face it
They’re gone, Oh I,
Oh, I’d pay the devil to replace them
They’re gone – what went wrong?

Alright, I’ll tell you what went wrong – in light of the state of Arizona’s new immigration laws, Hall & Oates could not bring themselves to perform a post-game concert on July 2nd at Chase Field when the Diamondbacks take on the Dodgers.  In fact, the Blue-Eyed Soul legends issued the following statement (via Daily Pitch):

“In addition to our personal convictions, we are standing in solidarity with the music community in our boycott of performing in Arizona at this time. We would like to emphasize that this has nothing to do with the management of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have been professional and cooperative throughout our dealings with them. This is our response to a very specific action of the state.”

Aw man, Hall & Oates, Say It Isn’t So. Is it possible for them to somehow work something out? Maybe a little One on One with the team’s president and CEO, Derrick Hall (no relation):

“The cancellation of this post-game concert is another example of how controversial this issue is,” he said.

Indeed. But I really wish they could come to terms. I was planning on attending the concert and do you know what, Hall & Oates? You Make My Dreams Come True (woo- ooh, oooh-ooh, woo-ooh).

Now that I have sufficiently proven my love of Hall & Oates beyond a reasonable (and acceptable) amount, I’m done here.

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