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White Kids Should Refrain From Rapping About Hockey, Yo

The Blackhawks will make you jump! jump! (on the bandwagon)
Jump! Jump! (on the bandwagon)

“We Love The Hawks (?)” – what’s the deal with the question mark? (?) – I don’t know (?), Dog (?) – the latest atrocity in a long line of rapped odes to sports teams performed by pigmentally-challenged aspiring rappers, is brought to you by The Retar Crew (more like The Retard Crew, amirite?), featuring the mic skills of Johnny (Philly Flier) Iguana “on his huge organ” (natch) (?). And his crew is the realest…pile of crap.

Just. No.

And yes, I know it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheeky, but it’s not. And could they at least tuck the wiring for the flat screen up behind the TV if they are not going to install it in a professional manner. It is so not dope-looking. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, homeslices.

[H/T Mouthpiece Blog]