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This Shiancoe-Sharper Twitter War Is Worse Than When The S**t Hit The Fan At Grenada

“I saw it all go down at Grenada!”

Please excuse my reference to the esteemed and egomaniacal (yet imaginary) super-journalist Wayne Gale from Natural Born Killers, but hoo boy, this is really getting out of hand now.

Yesterday, here at the Sportress, we regaled you with an amusing little yarn regarding how Visanthe Shiancoe escalated his Twitter war with Darren Sharper by likening the Saints safety to Osama bin Laden during target practice with the National Guard and then promptly shooting the crap out of said target.

As you can see above, Sharper didn’t take too kindly to getting compared to a terrorist. Wonder why. Further, Sharper’s subsequent tweets addressing the matter certainly will not help bring this situation under control.

And finally:

Now, I’m no expert on NFL code of conduct policies (or anything else, for that matter), but my guess is the league will not be too pleased about how this whole situation is running off the rails, including Shiancoe’s actions and Sharper claiming he doesn’t care about fines and appears to be threatening to severely injure Shiancoe.

Vikings head coach Brad Childress has pledged to “reel in” the blood feud at some point. Perhaps the time would be now before the National Football League starts prying into this hot mess.

Crap, at this point, where is Jimmy Carter when you need him? The former President should intervene and go all Camp David on this disagreement before all hell breaks loose. As Mister Rabbit says, “A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers.” Or something like that. Mickey Knox’s philosophies were always so deep and confounding and stuff.

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