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Urban Meyer Opens Up About Health, Gives Me Idea For Better Course Of Treatment

Now that Florida football head coach Urban Meyer has divulged that his chest pains were not from a heart condition but instead were the result of esophageal spasms, Gator Nation likely let out a collective sigh of relief.

Speaking at the SEC annual spring meetings Tuesday, Meyer had this to say about his health scare last December (via CBS Sports):

“The biggest thing is I wanted to find out what those darn chest pains were and I did,” Meyer said. “It’s esophageal spasms and they’ve got me on some medications. I’ve just got to be smarter in the future and I’m going to be. I’m not going to let that happen again.

“But the biggest thing was all that was related to what the heck were those pains going through my chest. Once you find out what it is, life gets a little better quickly.”

While I admire that Meyer’s health care providers are aggressively treating his condition with medication, perhaps instead of over-medicating (which seems to be a big problem in this society nowadays), perhaps a more holistic approach would have been the better course of treatment. That is, instead of treating the after-effects of his condition, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to take care of what was actually causing his esophageal spasms in the first place?

While I can only infer what exactly is the source of the problem, I have a pretty good guess what caused it. That is why I suggest Urban use the below product when he first feels a spasm coming on:

To be honest, given their “close, personal relationship,” I am somewhat surprised Timmy Tebow didn’t realize the problem and suggest this treatment to coach Meyer from the get-go.

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