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Not For Diabetics: Tastykake’s ‘Stanley Cupcake’ Probably Tastes Like…Victory

Just because the Flyers find themselves in an 0-2 hole against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals as the series returns to the City of Brotherly Love wasn’t going to prevent Philadelphia-based Tastykake from creating the above culinary representation of Lord Stanley’s Cup out of sugar, flour, eggs, milk and miscellaneous additives and preservatives.

The confectionery creation was rolled out for display at Comcast Center earlier today and the ingredients which were used to construct this snack cake monstrosity (via The700Level) are as follows:

The Stanley CUPcake, constructed by Bredenbeck’s Bakery, will be made with over 1,000 pieces of cake, including Tastykake Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, Butterscotch Krimpets, Chocolate Juniors, and Koffee Kake Juniors.

Sounds positively delectable, albeit high in fat and residual shame. And while I can understand why Tastykake could not manage to enlist the services of the official keeper of the real Cup, Phil Pritchard, I nevertheless question the wisdom in hiring Kirstie Alley to keep watch over it. That just seems like a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me.

Tastykake Creates Stanley Cupkake in Anticipation of Flyers’ Scoring Outburst [The700Level]