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At Last, ESPN Launches Apparel Line I’d Wear Under My ‘ESPN: The Magazine’ Windbreaker

Finally. No longer will my ESPN: The Magazine windbreaker or my “ESPN: The Weekend” jorts sit unworn in my closet, gathering dust. The reason, other than I’m too embarrassed to actually war the crap? Simple. Just in time for the World Cup, ESPN, in conjunction with apparel licensee Sportiqe Apparel, will attempt to capitalize on the enormous popularity of the World Cup by further commodifying their “One Game Changes Everything” World Cup motto into a line of t-shirts and other miscellaneous apparel produced by eight-year-old factory workers in Guam.

From ESPN Media Zone:

USA, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Spain – in five different designs and 36 different styles that utilize each country’s colors, images and fight songs to bring them to life.

The collection is available now at Urban Outfitters stores and website, as well as Nordstrom’s, and other online sporting goods retailers; styles retail for $29.99 and up.

“Celebrating the world’s most popular sport is the perfect new venture from ESPN, the world’s biggest sports fan,” said ESPN Vice President of Marketing Chris Brush.  “We’re thrilled to build on our successful partnership with Sportiqe by continuing to deliver on our promise to bring authentic products to fans of every sport.”

Wait. ESPN is the world’s biggest sports fan? You would think that could create a conflict of interest with what should be the network’s primary objective. You know, unbiasedly and accurately reporting news from the world of sports? Huh. I guess the changeover from honest and ethical sports reporting to the self-serving glorification of sports the network covers happened so quickly I missed it entirely.

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