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When Ice Hockey, Dental Hygiene, The British And Dwayne Johnson Collide

Let me put it to you this way: when those above four things mesh into one confusing promotion, stuff gets wacky.

Apparently, those unlucky souls across the pond have not yet had the pleasurable opportunity of seeing the brilliant film, The Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…until now. The film is being released today nationwide in Britain, and in celebration of such a wonderful event, The Guardian, with the support of UK dental organization Denplan, has put together a nice little contest. Given the stereotype that the British take notoriously bad care of their teeth, I guess The Guardian considers The Tooth Fairy not only a delightful romp, but also a way to better educate its readers on proper dental hygiene.

Great idea, but I have to say that Hedley & Wyche (The British Toothpaste) really missed a great chance to expand its market reach.

Back to the contest (via The Guardian):

Denplan is celebrating the cinema release of Tooth Fairy by offering you the chance to win a fantastic ice hockey prize. The winner will receive four tickets to an Elite Ice Hockey League match*, two nights’ stay in two twin rooms at a local 4-star hotel including breakfast for a family of four, £100 towards travel and spending money, a black Xacti digital movie camera, two NHL hockey shirts for a team of the winner’s choice, and a 5′ air hockey table.

Two NHL shirts, an air hockey table AND breakfast? Where do I sign up? Oh, right down there at the bottom of the article. I see.

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