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Michael Strahan Is A Big Fan Of Rape-Related Humor

LMAO, indeed, Michael Strahan. Certainly not the biggest deal in the world – it was a relatively innocuous joke – but it got me thinking about other things that make me LMAO. For instance, when I first saw this hooker-rape joke hybrid myself, I realized I hadn’t laughed so hard since I saw Strahan’s  hilarious Subway commercial with that Jared fella.

Or was it when I saw his Vaseline commercial where he jumps back in forth between rolled-up towels for his 15 minute full body workout?

Or instead, maybe it was when I realized that he could use a telephone pole as a toothpick.

Or could it be when his wife subtlety alleged that he was gay during their acrimonious divorce proceedings?

Or was it when I watched a marathon of his hit Fox comedy series Brothers?

Yeah, it was probably when I was watching Brothers. There are few things more hilarious than having your brain raped by cripple jokes.

#WaitWhat? Michael Strahan Laughs At A Rape Joke On Twitter [Sports Grid]