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Video: Steve Phillips Attempts To Explain Why He Would Trade Strasburg For Oswalt

I’m not sure what is more moronic: Fanhouse TV star Steve Phillips trying to explain his statement that he would trade Strasburg for Oswalt or me taking the time to embed the video on my well-respected sports blog. I guess it could be tie.

Here’s Fanhouse’s lead-in for the video:

FanHouse TV’s Steve Phillips turned some heads this week when he suggested the Nationals should listen if the Astros ask for Stephen Strasburg in a potential Roy Oswalt trade.

In this week’s Hot Corner, Phillips defends himself and explains why dealing an unproven commodity for an ace might not be a bad idea.

Hey, Hot Corner may stink, but it’s not as bad as Fanhouse’s Hot Carl starring Jay Mariotti.


Oh, and if you somehow have not heard his original commentardery on the topic, just do a Google search for “Steve Phillips Moron,” “Steve Phillips Mouthbreather,” “Steve Phillips doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” pretty much anything like that will do. But be forewarned: there are about a million search results to sift through.

Also, it might be wise not to do a search for “Steve Phillips Fat Horny Interns Water Sports.” I’m not speaking from experience, mind you, but I can only imagine.

Steve Phillips’ Hot Corner: Explaining Strasburg for Oswalt [Fanhouse]