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‘Short, Older Canadian Basketball Player’ Appears On ‘Space Ghost Coast To Coast’

This just in: Steve Nash is ten kinds of awesome. Above is his interview with super hero talk show host Space Ghost and while Nash plays the straight man to Space Ghost’s shenanigans, you have to give him credit for his willingness to do things well outside the comfort zone of most professional athletes. From his Vitamin Water spots (the very product he is plugging on Space Ghost Coast to Coast) to his hilariously awkward “Balls Talk” video, Nash is the goofiest-looking – yet funniest – Canadian NBA player absurdist comedian working the scene at this moment, which is pretty heady stuff, if you ask me.

So, here’s to you, Steve the Nasty Nasher. Or would he prefer Nashcar Racer Steve Nash…Car? He never really answers Space Ghost’s question. What a diva. He would never be able to pull these sorts of shenanigans on Grape Ape Live, if there ever were such a show – which there should  be.

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