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Great News! Cheryl Cole Finally Divorcing Footballer Husband, May Move To U.S.

Although it hasn’t been the best kept secret in England and was considered merely a formality for some time now, Cheryl Cole has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Chelsea star Ashley Cole, who also happens to be on England’s national team. Can you say Miss Cole may have just committed World Cup sabotage?

Dramatic payoff (and more!) after the jump.

Once again…could it be….SABOTAGE???

Possibly, but there are likely more compelling and sexy reasons behind the lovely Cheryl’s bid for a “quickie” divorce (I’ll give her a quickie, if you know what I mean, and here’s how I would present it to her, “Don’t worry, Cheryl, this won’t take long did it?”) – she may elect to relocate to the United States! Yay!

Anyhoo, this post has already gone on far too long. There was really only one reason to type all this out anyway, and it was for the payoff at then end (I’ll give her a payo-…nevermind), and that’s the Sportress’ world famous Cheryl Cole photo gallery!!

Now don’t push, there’s plenty to go around.

Fantastic, wouldn’t you agree?

Further, given her upcoming skip across the pond, allow me to be the first to welcome her to our fine country.

Welcome to America, Cheryl. Look me up when you get stateside.

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