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‘Well, This Certainly Looks Like A Lot Of Words, In Record Time, I’m Very Impressed…’

“Unfortunately, I am also disgusted. This is incoherent dribble! This is a total redo and I’m assuming I need it right away.”

It’s only been a little over a month since his last screed as ESPN’s resident ombudsman, but Don Ohlmeyer set his keyboard on fire with his most recent opus.

Ohlmeyer cranks out an astounding 5,282 word column about…um…you know, I’m not entirely sure – I started reading it, got a little lightheaded at about the 23rd paragraph and when I regained consciousness, I had no recollection of the last 24 hours. And my head was shaved and I had a scar running right down the middle of my scalp.


I don’t know, read it if you want. There is a bunch of stuff about something or other that has to do with things dealing with random details regarding policies about situations and whatnot.

Root of all evil? [ESPN]