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(Video) Oh Nos! A Squirrel Disrupted The Twins-Yankees Game At Target Field!

Not only did the Twins experience yet another first during their first season at Target Field last night during their game against the Yankees – the first suspended game due to rain – it also marked the first time a rascally little critter actually interfered with play on the field.

The squirrel streaked onto the field and charged Twins third baseman Brendan Harris before seeking protection from the rain under the outfield wall.

The squirrel remained on the field as play resumed, running the entirety of the warning track looking for a way out as the crowd chanted “Let’s go squirrel!”

The most amusing part – except for Alex Rodriguez subsequently striking out – was Twins third baseman Brendan Harris’ reaction. Too bad there wasn’t a chair for him to climb up on while screaming “EEK!”

A video shot by a person in the stands after the jump, as well as another one recorded off television, lest the one above gets taken down by the MLB (which it will).

What a cute little bastard. One question: why in the hell didn’t Kirby the Kestrel take care of business and swoop down and take that damn rodent out?

It’s a goddamn episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom over there at Target Field. Sheesh.

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