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David Ortiz Hopes To Attend Jose Lima’s Funeral

Ever since the tragic death of Jose Lima, a devastated David Ortiz has had “Lima R.I.P.” written on his cap. He also would like to attend Jose Lima’s funeral scheduled for Thursday morning in Flushing, New York to pay his respects to the enigmatic pitcher who went way before his time.

“We were so close, man,” Ortiz said, pulling out his cell phone and showing a picture of the two men smiling, their arms around each other. “Everyone loved him.”

“I’ll let you know tomorrow [if he will attend the funeral for sure],” Ortiz said.

I hope that the schedules work out so Ortiz can attend the funeral of his good friend. But here is a piece of advice to anyone else planning on attending: if there is a visitation scheduled, get there early and definitely before Ortiz shows up. Given how long it took him to circle the bases after a home run last Monday, there is no telling how long it could take him to make an honorary pass by the casket.

Yes, I am fully aware I am going to burn for all eternity in Hell.

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