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Buzz Bissinger Is Tearing It Up On Twitter, Obsessed With Term ‘Douche Juice’

Ah, Buzz, God love ’em. He gets a bad rap because of all that Will Leitch-Bob Costas stuff, but he is a treat. Not many men in his esteemed position so enjoy getting down in the muck to take on the mongrels and mouthbreathers in the world. And the environment Twitter provides to spew brief diatribes about anything and everything seems to be perfectly suited for the man. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again: if you are not following this madman, you are missing out.

Today there has been an extra special edition of Buzz Bissinger Twitter Meltdown Boogaloo. Over the past few hours, he has really gone out of his way to incite the drooling masses, inviting their scorn by referring to Joe Torre and Phil Jackson as douche juices. After the jump, a few of the highlights.

He’s just working them up into a lather with those incendiary comments. Well played. He then takes a moment to compliment his sometime foil, the Blogfather, Will Leitch:

A hearty “Zing!” on the SAS rip.

And below is a sweet three-Tweet-takedowns of three unwitting victims, all of them invoking Buzz’s new favorite phrase, douche juice.

Awesome. Heh. Douche Juice.

Finally, last night Buzz slightly pulled back the curtain and granted us some insight into the romantical side of the life of one H.G. Bissinger:

The man feels! Cannot you dregs of society understand that? If you hurt him, does he not weep? If you cut Buzz, does he not bleed?

As I wrote above, God love ’em.