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Brewers Manager Busts Out Old-Timey ‘Poppycock’ While Scolding Reporters

With his team sitting at 17-27 and having lost 11 of their past 13 games, Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha is at the end of his proverbial rope. His temper runneth over when a wisenheimer reporter began a negative line of questioning regarding Milwaukee dropping two of three to the Twins last weekend. To say that Macha is as mad as heck and dagnabit, he’s not going to take it anymore would be a rootin-tootin’ understatement. Via Hardball Talk:

Sunday was an exceptional day and to have any negative questions in this meeting today is poppycock.

You can feel the anger. And consarnit, I can’t blame him. Jeepers creepers, the Brewers were supposed to be a much better team, but heavens to betsy, their pitching staff has been dreadful and nothing appears likely to change anytime soon. Son of a biscuit, start playing better, Brewers, daggummit! Holy mackerel and a cheese and rice to boot!

Brewers manager Ken Macha tired of ‘negativism’ and ‘poppycock’ [Hardball Talk]